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Confidence Strategies For Pleasure Riding

"This guy speaks so much sense"  

"This has made a huge difference to me and my Welsh cob mare Star. I can’t believe I am beginning to jump her and hack her out. She is totally different as I am not gripping and tightening. 
I can’t thank you enough!"

"This guy is great, I listen to various chapters of his audio of this book most days and without my even noticing it’s kind of changed my thinking." - Janice Masone

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 Control your Stress And Enjoy Your Horse will show you how to:-

 * THINK of Horses and Riding in a Different Light 
 * CONTROL Unwanted Thoughts And Reactions
 * FIND the FUN Again
 * ACHIEVE Any Goal
 * RIDE In The Manner You Always Dreamed Of         

Testimonials from our Live Event Courses.....

"My confidence has grown in leaps and bounds and I intend to come back to try the archery course next year no matter what the price - worth every single penny ! Thank you !!"

"I've said it before but even if this course cost 4x what it does now it would be value for money.
 What you did for me is priceless !"

"This course had been the making of me as a rider. Would really recommend people to come and learn."

..........and now all this knowledge is contained in this FREE copy of Control Your Stress And Enjoy Your Horse

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Enjoy Your Horse And Achieve ANY Goal!

Be AT ONE with your horse
Achieve Your GOALS

Check Out A Small Glimpse Of What You'll Discover Inside... The Essential Keys To Achieving Every Goal - EVERY Goal -
Hacking, Jumping, Competing and even Riding The Mongol Derby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Inside Of This FREE Book, Here Are A Few Of The Things That You'll Be Given For FREE...

  • NLP techniques to Calm Your Anxieties
  • Understanding Adrenaline
  • Understanding How to Control Fear Responses
  • Controlling the "What If's"
  • Finding The Fun Again
  • Making Success Inevitable
  • Eliminating Failure
  • Conquering "Brain Freeze"
  • Replacing Fear With Excitement
  • Having FUN
  • ENJOYING Your Horse
  • ACHIEVING Your Goals
  • LOVING Your Life!

Read Suzy's Amazing Story After Attending 
Karl's Live Coaching Program - 
Now embedded within the Pages Of Control Your Stress And Enjoy Your Horse!

“I took the rider confidence course on Wednesday 20th April with clear objectives. 
On Saturday 23rd April I was entered into the Silver Spur (a steeplechase of 2.5 miles over 20 hedges and 3 open ditches, in a field of 32 horses with an extremely high fall rate) and I needed to control my butterflies and wanted experience with falling so that I could ride boldly and fast into the fences with confidence. 
The course was fantastic, Karl and Zana are both excellent instructors and I drove home from the course grinning at the prospect of the adventure I would have on my horse Claude. 
On the day of the race I was calm and collected and quietly confident, I knew that myself and my horse were as fit as we could be, had been training for a long while and the butterflies had gone - from just hoping I would get round I knew that I would ride hard and was truly in it to win it, If I did come off, no big deal I now had the tools to cope. 
Claude was amazing and flew the hedges and I was smiling with exhilaration, then unfortunately a horse went down in front of me so I gave Claude a huge kick and he extended to jump the horse as well, as he did so I felt a tremor go through him and knew something was wrong. 

Thanks to the training from Karl I did not panic, as he started to fall on landing, which would have been disastrous for him, me and the 20 or so horses behind me I kicked and kicked and rode him back up again and out of the field. Unfortunately I was now heading for the spectators and it was clear we were on borrowed time. Still not panicking I was able to yell for the spectators to scatter and call out for the vet whilst bailing out from my collapsing horse! 

On the ground and unhurt I was able to leap up and attend to my horse who had suffered a pulmonary embolism, dramatic but not necessarily fatal. Thankfully Claude is fine thanks to everyone's swift action. 
No one could have scripted what happened to me on 23rd April but everybody was amazed by how calm and fast thinking I was and that is thanks to Karl. 

Taking the rider confidence course was the best thing I ever did and ensured that a situation that had the potential to be breathtakingly disastrous is instead a dramatic anecdote with happy smiles at the end! 
I am recommending this course to everyone that I ride with, best money I have ever spent". 
The Countess of Denbigh (Suzy)  

Check Out What Others Are Already Saying About Our Training!
"Did this course the end of May. Last weekend I did my first solo hack in 13 years thank you xx "

"What was brilliant about this was the practical way we learned to approach situations that happen when riding horses so that the thought of this coming about becomes familiar and not scary, at least for now I feel mentally able to deal with what 
comes my way."

"This book has lifted that cloud and is allowing me to focus on the positive and ride to my full 
potential again."

"Discover simple Mental Strategies that can allow you to Enjoy your Horses And Achieve YOUR goals - 
they worked for me!"

"To each there comes in their lifetime a special moment when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing, unique to them and fitted to their talents. 

What a tragedy if that moment finds them unprepared or unqualified for that which could have been their finest hour." 

- Winston Churchill

You, your horse and your riding MATTERS - and this book is your figurative tap on the shoulder.
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Like I mentioned before, this book is free. All I ask is that you help me cover the printing and postage costs of £7.95 anywhere in the world!

Oh, and in case you're wondering...

There Is No Catch!
That's right, there's no catch. I've been working in the rider confidence field for many years now, and I have seen this knowledge and training create complete transformations in the way riders view themselves, their horses and what's possible.
It just works.  

If everyone had known these things since they started riding, then the whole leisure rider community would be a different place - populated with confident, competent, knowledgeable riders who know through and through the basic fundamentals to care for themselves, their horses and each other - having tremendous FUN and JOY on their WONDERFUL horses. 

This knowledge needs to be out there and commonly known .... and through this book, both you and I can help replace the pervasive belief that consumes the horse community  horses are dangerous into a realisation that they are safe, trustable and the most wonderful FUN! As a species we are SO LUCKY to have horses to ride - it is a crime to not enjoy EVERY MOMENT that we are blessed with them.
If There Is No Catch ... 
... Why Am I Doing This For Free?

              A letter to you from Karl Greenwood, Author of "Control Your Stress And Enjoy Your Horse".

     "Dear Friends,

     I expect you are wondering, so why is this book for free? 

     Well, Firstly it's a promotion for my live events and web-based courses - you will find such enormous value in the book that I hope you'll be kind enough to tell your friends and spread my philosophy and brand - and maybe even you or your friends will become my future clients. (There'll be two promotions after this page at one-time special offer prices. I hope you'll take one or both of them up, but if they're not for you, at least you'll know what's available should you have friends who might benefit. Word-of-mouth beats ANY other form of advertising.)

     Secondly, it'll make my courses WAY easier if I don't have to explain a book's worth of knowledge before we mount up! 

     Thirdly, and MOST importantly - I genuinely like horses! ....And I believe, from the bottom of my heart, that EVERY horse DESERVES to be ridden to the very fullest of it's potential - and every rider deserves to ride as they dream of.

     Lastly, - THE FUNDAMENTAL REASON that this book is for FREE.......

     This summer, - following one of those random conversations with a friend that you have now and then - I had a sudden realisation that if for some reason I stopped doing what I do, ALL the specialised knowledge that I have acquired through my unique life experiences .....

     - riding action horses in films, battle scenes and live stunt shows 

     - a past career as a hypnotherapist specialising in stress, anxiety and depression 

     - 8 years of hosting Rider Confidence Courses to over 2,000 clients 

     - all of this unique combination of random life experiences that have led me to where I am now, that'd all be gone. 

     The life changing testimonials that you've read on this page will stop. The easy and immediate change in people's riding lives simply won't be available anymore. 
     The knowledge contained within my books and courses is my LEGACY to the world and my chance to MAKE A CHANGE to people - and through this advert on the all powerful internet - I can help MILLIONS- MILLIONS! - of riders enjoy their horses and achieve their goals - not just 8 at a time at my stables on my day courses, but millions. That's amazing. T

     This is my chance to make an impact on the world, help millions of people and fulfil my life's purpose. It's not just horses that deserve to fulfil their potential, after all. 

     THAT'S why it is free.

     Get the book. Read the book. Act on the knowledge contained within. Enjoy your horse!!!!!!

     Kindest wishes for the future,

     Karl Greenwood"

I 100% guarantee that you'll love this book. And I MEAN guarantee.

That's right. You don't even have to send anything back. Just email me or call the number on your receipt and I'll give you back your money with no questions asked. 

Getting this message out and transforming the lives of horses and riders means more to me than anything. 

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Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Karl Greenwood DHP

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Order Your FREE Copy Of "Control Your Stress And Enjoy Your Horse" NOW ....... I have paid for the book, you just pay £7.95 to cover the postage and packing.  

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